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Educational Rubber Band Helicopter STEAM Kit for Kids

Potential Energy - Rubber Band Helicopter


Experience the thrill of flight and learn about potential energy with our Rubber Band Helicopter STEAM Kit! This hands-on kit allows children to design and build their own rubber band helicopters, exploring concepts like potential energy and aerodynamics. Get creative and design multiple helicopter bodies to see which one flies the best. Record your observations, including the number of times you wind the rubber band and how high your helicopter flies, using the downloadable activity sheet.


Activity Ideas:

Designing and building a rubber band helicopter is an excellent introductory engineering activity.


Experiment with different helicopter body shapes to determine the most effective design.


Explore potential energy by varying the number of times you wind the rubber band.


Record your findings on the observation sheet provided.


Don't forget to wear your goggles for safety!

  • Grades 2-6

    Don't forget to wear safefty goggles!

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