Rubber Band Helicopter - Potential Energy

Building a rubber band helicopter is a fun and engaging way to learn about Potential Energy.    Get creative and design multiple helicopter bodies!  Which one flies the best? How many times did you wind the rubber band? How high did your helicopter fly?  Collect and record observation data in the downloadable activity sheet.


Activity Ideas

Designing and building a rubber band helicopter is a great introductory engineering activity.  The helicopter is easy and fun to build.  Kids will have an opportunity to design multiple helicopter bodies and determine which body shape flies the best.  Through trial and error they can experiment with winding the rubber band various times to change the potential energy.  They can use the observation sheet to record their findings.


This affordable STEM kit is great for Maker Fairs, STEM class or STEM club, science class, cub scout or brownie badges, birthday parties and more!


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Activity Plan:


Lesson Plan Extension:


Don't forget to wear your goggles!!

Rubber Band Helicopter - Potential Energy

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