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Educational Rocks and Minerals STEAM Kit for Kids

Sort & Identify - Rocks and Minerals


Unearth the mysteries of geology with our Rocks and Minerals STEAM Kit! This hands-on kit introduces kids to the fascinating world of rocks and minerals as they sort and identify a mystery set. Learn about different rock types, the rock cycle, and more, sparking curiosity about the world around them. The kit includes 10 mystery rocks and minerals, a collection box, and rock and mineral identification stickers. Children examine each specimen, match them to the stickers, and add them to their collection box. Ideal for elementary and middle school children, this kit provides a great introduction to the wonders of rocks and minerals.


To promote your STEAM event, customize the experience by printing your own event sticker and adding it to the collection box. This is a great way to provide a memorable take-home item that also generates awareness and promotes your event.