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STEAM Lamp Kit with Frosted Vellum Shade

Fiber Optic - Lamp Kit

PriceFrom $6.00

Ignite your imagination and delve into the world of science with our captivating STEAM Lamp Kit for kids! This kit offers a hands-on experience where children can construct a simple circuit using a battery, switch, and LED to illuminate their very own lamp.


Experience the enchantment as light dances through fiber optic strands, producing a dazzling array of colors. This not only creates a stunning visual display but also provides a fascinating introduction to the science behind fiber optics. Kids will be amazed as they learn how light can be transmitted through these thin strands, discovering the principles of reflection, refraction, and total internal reflection along the way.


With our STEAM Lamp Kit, children can choose between two shade options:


Vellum Shade: Crafted from frosted translucent vellum, this shade allows the color-changing LED to shine through, creating a soft, glowing effect.


Suminagashi Shade: Dive into the ancient Japanese art of Suminagashi paper marbling to create a one-of-a-kind lampshade. This meditative process involves painting the surface of water with inks and transferring the design to watercolor paper, resulting in a unique and beautiful shade. Suminagashi combines art with mindfulness, making it a relaxing and creative experience.


Our STEAM Lamp Kit not only encourages creativity and hands-on learning but also provides a deeper understanding of the science behind light and fiber optics. Perfect for aspiring young scientists, artists, and engineers alike, this kit is sure to spark curiosity and illuminate young minds!

  • Grades 6-12