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Light Activated - Robot

Light Activated - Robot


Watch out! This robot will head straight for you when it senses light.  Learn about electrical engineering and robotics by building this light activated robot. 


This product provides a great introduction to circuits, breadboards, and components such as a light dependent resistor (LDR).  The activity guide is rich with learning opportunities that can be used to provide a one-time lesson or the basis for a multi-week course on engineering and robotics.  Key concepts and learning challenges provided in the activity guide help reinforce concepts along the way.


No soldering or wiring makes this kit a great learning tool.  Creating the breadboard circuit is easy with step by step instructions and plug, play and learn components.  Parts to create an LED light are included to make your robot take off.

  • Ships 5-7 business days after purchase.  Orders of 50+ may take additional time to process.  Please contact us for more information.

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