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Educational Catapult STEAM Kit for Kids

Potential Energy - Catapult


Experience the thrill of physics with our Potential Energy - Catapult STEAM Kit! This hands-on kit allows kids to construct their own catapult using a rubber band, fulcrum, and lever, while the triangular sides provide structural strength. Learn about potential energy as the rubber band stores energy that propels the projectile. The more energy you pack in, the higher your ball will go! Explore trajectory as the launched object follows a path through the air.


This kit offers a range of educational activities:

  • Challenge friends to launch pom poms and observe the trajectory and see whose travels the furthest.
  • Use the printable target to compete to score the highest total with 3 tries.
  • Compete to get the best score using our Build & Test - Target STEAM kit
  • Grade 2-6

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