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Educational Scribblebot STEAM Kit for Kids

Action Painter - Scribble Bot


Dive into the world of technology, engineering, and art with our Scribble Bot STEAM Kit! This kit allows kids to build a self-drawing, action-painting robot using a simple electronic circuit and markers. Discover the history of action painters and their mesmerizing techniques that convey movement and action. Once assembled, watch your scribble bot dance around the paper, creating action-filled masterpieces. Personalize your bot with accessories and experiment with different patterns and designs. Perfect for grades 3-5, this kit offers endless creativity and innovation. Get ready to unleash your inner artist and witness art in motion!


Marker colors may vary.


Activity Ideas:

Personalize your scribble bot by decorating it with your own accessories.  Add items to the body of your robot and observe the changes that makes in the drawings. 


The patterns the Scribble Bot draws can be customized from dotted lines to concentric circles.  Try adding extra markers, raise the “body” of the Scribble Bot, or adding weight to the Scribble Bot to see how this affects the artwork.


Want to stop your bot from jumping off the page? Create a boundary for your Scribble Bot by taping straws or pencils to the edge of the paper.

    • Grades 3-5