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Jiggly Eyeball -Create a Simple Circuit

Jiggly Eyeball -Create a Simple Circuit


Practice wiring and creating a complete circuit when you build this spooky jiggling eyeball.  Your eyeball will be rolling and bouncing around once you connect the vibration motor to the battery.


Have you ever noticed a cell phone bounce up and down when it rings or felt a video game controller buzz? They wiggle, move back and forth, bounce up and down and shake to get your attention.  This activity will introduce students to the concept of haptic technology and the use of vibration motors in devices today.


This is a great activity for elementary and middle school Halloween class parties, STEM clubs, birthday parties and more!


Activity Ideas

This introductory circuitry kit will provide kids an opportunity to build their first complete circuit by connecting vibration motor to a battery.  Watch the eyeball jiggle and roll!


Suggested group activities:

  • Halloween Class Party
  • Halloween Party Activity for Home
  • STEAM Club
  • After-school Enrichment Programs


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Lesson Plans:

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