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Glow in the Dark Bristlebot STEAM kit for kids

Glow in the Dark - Brush Bots


Introduce circuits to kids with our Glow-in-the-Dark Brush Bots! This hands-on kit makes building your own bristlebot a breeze. Watch as your creation buzzes along smooth surfaces, providing a fun way to learn about circuits.


Experiment with the position of the pipe cleaners to change your bristlebot's direction and speed, teaching valuable lessons in trial and error.  Add an extra element of fun and excitement to your creation when you add glow-in-the-dark beads to your bot. The kit includes an activity guide that covers key concepts such as circuits, potential, and kinetic energy. Suitable for grades 3-8.


Please note that colors may vary.


Activity Ideas:

  • Design a maze for your bristlebot using straws taped to construction paper. Time your bot through the maze and try to beat your own time by adjusting the pipe cleaners.
  • Race against your friends with your customized bots!


This affordable STEM kit is perfect for Maker Fairs, STEM classes or clubs, science classes, cub scouts or brownie badges, libraries, birthday parties, and more!