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Are you looking for a spooky (and educational) Halloween activity?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

It is so hard to find beginner STEAM technology projects for tweens. This project checks all the boxes if you are looking for an affordable STEM kit that teaches one simple 30 minute discrete concept.

What is the big idea?

This activity tackles the "T" in STEAM. This is a technology project that show kids how to create a complete circuit by wiring a vibration motor to a battery. It is an easy and straight forward way to introduce kids to circuitry. It just happens to have the added benefit of winding up with a gross and spooky jiggling and rolling eyeball in the end.

What are the STEAM key concepts?

The rolling eyeball is powered by a circuit that connects a battery to a motor. The motor causes the eyeball to vibrate which makes it jiggle and roll.


  • A circuit is a path that electricity moves along. Electricity can flow only if the parts of the circuit are connected in an unbroken loop called a complete circuit.

  • A battery holds energy.

  • A motor is a machine that makes motion.

What comes in the STEM activity kit?

This affordable kit comes with everything you need to create your spooky rolling eyeball. Instructions for assembly are included in an easy to follow step by step video.

Who should do this activity?

This is a great group science activity for tweens in elementary and middle school. It makes a great educational Halloween class party activity! Or, use it during your home Halloween party this year.


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