Light-Up Greeting Card - Paper Circuit

Design and build a light-up greeting card!  Put your artistic abilities to the test while exploring the basic principles of electric circuits.  Create a simple electric circuit using conductive copper tape, an LED and a coin cell battery.


Activity Ideas



A circuit is a path that electricity moves along. Electricity can flow only if the parts of the circuit are connected in an unbroken loop called a complete circuit. If a break is made in the circuit, the electricity stops flowing. This is known as a short circuit.

Electricity will flow through some objects and will not flow through others.  Materials that allow electricity to flow are called conductors.  Materials that do not allow electricity to flow are called insulators.  In our paper circuit, the electrical current starts at the power source (battery), is carried along a conductor (copper tape) and does a job (lights the bulb).



  • Circuit

  • Current

  • Complete Circuit

  • Short Circuit

  • Conductors

  • Insulators


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Light-Up Greeting Card - Paper Circuit

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